Friday, June 17, 2016

the fabric corner....

out of sunlight but definitely within my view, the stash is now all together!   don't ask me why the bookcase i bought was a different one than the first, sheesh! and yes, it was supposed to be the same height, but there was a bit of a construction malfunction, so improvisation stepped in.  there are still 5 shelves albeit different heights.   but, happy to say ALL the fabric fits nicely.  i know, it isn't neat like those who use boards or specific folding methods, but really i just needed it in one place where i could easily pull fabric and be motivated to NOT this works!  and the bag of fabrics for the farmer's wife got emptied as well...a good thing!   now there is room for my full-size bed when it comes....  sadly, no room for the few books i have tucked away, but perhaps later can replace the short bookcase with one like the taller, or possibly create a space for the books....we'll see.   ***  whoosh!  another week has gone by just like that!   wasn't super busy but spent some time with daughter and SIL, volunteered some, and sewed a lot, which is on this afternoon's agenda.   and aside from a bit of housework, my weekend is free as well....365 here i come!  enjoy the day! 


  1. That's a mighty pretty sight! Have fun playing with it all.

  2. How wonderful to have all your pretties right at your fingertips. I laughed to see a whole shelf devoted to blues and indigos! Your neutrals and lights are also very lovely, too.

  3. My folding system isn't neat, either, but how fun to have everything within sight. (Now you will know when any of your fabric is misbehaving.) So much easier to plan a quilt when your resources are before you.

  4. I have to cabinets where my fabric is stored (still have some in bags that won't fit on the shelves) but mine looks similar to yours.

    1. thanks for telling me....i'd rather sew than fold neat...LOL

  5. Looks like a nice sized stash......I do enjoy seeing the wonderful projects that you make with your stash! We are on the final countdown for the wedding so I do feel the movement of time a little more right now.....