Wednesday, June 22, 2016

hump day....

takes on a whole new significance when not far have not found any work, but confident the right job will come along at some point.  in the meantime, continue sewing along and loving it...
today start on june 5th--excellent progress indeed!

and this got done yesterday as well....

so today it's a bit o' basting....but with only a week until july, the june blocks are a priority....the next 3 are some of "those" with a gazillion pieces, not difficult but time consuming.   ***  up early this AM and popped a quiche in the oven that'll be on hand for meals the next few days--that and a rotisserie chicken and some fresh vegs are on the good is that?


  1. Quilting and good food and AC on a hot day. You are all set!! : )

  2. Yummmy foods! Those pink snails are adorable! You are in my prayers for the right job to find you.

  3. Love those small blocks for the 365 Challenge! And they do look like a Challenge......some are pretty complicated! But that is how we grow and build our skills!