Friday, November 13, 2015

last rose?

it was a fabulous fall day and a trip to the coast was on the agenda.  the tide was coming in and crashing over the rocks.  the sun was bright and warm despite a cool wind hinting of days to come.  this tough bloom was spied hanging on...

somebody had hauled in their buoys and pots for the winter ahead....

not far away, a construction crew was still busy on a beautiful new home facing the ocean....a real showstopper with a very high price tag no doubt.   on tonight's agenda is the "nancy" redo and probably some hand sewing, but was worth it to escape a bit and enjoy the bonus weather...


  1. Our front garden rosebush is still in bloom, too. I took a picture of an optimistic bud yesterday. It will be nipped before it opens.

  2. Love the colours in the rose picture, the sun shining on the yellowed leaves is just spectacular

  3. What a wonderful blossom to see on your road trip, and thanks for sharing it here!

  4. Lovely photo. Bet it is gone today. Nice frost last night. Time to hunker down and quilt!