Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a 37-year-old discovery...

my faithful friend, the old viking, has been with me for 37 years since she was brand spanking new.  it was an impulse purchase by my ex who was NOT known for such, unless he had motivation--i mean guilt.  he could outdo the most penny-pinching of yankees, unless he passed a liquor store, then all bets were off.  and i've been quilting now since 1979, hand quilting, which is what i really enjoy.  last night, though, giving the old girl another look, discovered this button...

it's the little one just above the magnetic poetry magnet....and guess what it does....yep,

LOWERS the feed dog...cannot recall if i knew this at all in the past 37 years, but since discovering this feature, thinking i might try my hand at some free form machine quilting.  and why not? the guide thingie is around someplace, too.....on small things that need to get finished at first, and probably not for my big quilts because i do love hand quilting, but it might knock off some of my UFOs sooner rather than later.  i knew i loved this machine....my first was a $99 universal basic machine that the ex also bought for me, but brand new this baby was $700, a big step up from the universal.  i'm guessing he did something really wrong for me to get this big ticket item--or it was in 1978.  she has some blemishes and has had a few repairs after being in cold storage for too long, but still runs like new.  now in her dotage, she gets treated gently as parts are hard to find, hoping she keeps on keeping on so we can have lots more fun in the days ahead!


  1. Ha, how about that..sounds like a tough old Viking.

  2. Funny how we don't notice some things for a long time. : )
    My hubby bought me my Viking in 1978, too. It isn't as nice a model as you have. I believe mine was under $300 back then, and there is no free motion, or darning foot with it. It is so old and basic that there isn't one made to fit it.
    Just so you know, some machines do better at FMQ with the feed dogs up. So if you try it and tension issues can't be resolved, give it a whirl with the feed dogs up. That was my experience with my Pfaff, and Leah Day does address this possibility on her blog about FMQ on a dsm.

  3. I bought a red version of this machine in 1980 when my son was born. I can't even tell you how many of my kids clothes were sewn on that machine! It was a workhorse, and I loved it to death.