Monday, November 16, 2015

hexie update...

this little (for now) project only gets attention now and then, but coming along albeit slowly.  some days (like today) i just start and get into a rhythm and get a lot done; other days not so much.  there are a lot more little hexies basted but not sewn together yet....

looking good so far i think... on one i've started with the connector hexies in neutrals, but can't tell if the original was done in plain muslin or not.  thinking will try both before doing more.  and the next FWS block has been posted and i'm ready for it, now that i fixed the too-big one...i had one rosette done in reds but took them out as the photo didn't show any reds.  ***  the cold is creeping in a day at a time, a bit delayed but inevitable.  mom is busy knitting scarves and mittens for anyone who might need them...we are blessed!


  1. Nice looking hexies. Trying to determine if they are 1/2" or 1", or am I nowhere near? : )

  2. They are so pretty all in those Civil War selections! I love the neutrals that you're using now and I think that plain muslin would be flat and boring compared to the little ditzies. Holler if you want me to send you some extras, okay?

    1. i tend to agree with you on the neutrals...i am thinking that the original was also done the same way as the maker might not have purchased yardage just for the connectors, rather would use up scraps...

  3. Love those hexie blocks. Such pretty fabrics, too. I've got a hexie project that doesn't get much time or attention (except when we're traveling) that I think I need to work on today.

  4. Beautiful! Like peanuts aren't they? You can't make just one.

  5. I can see why you commented on my new hexie project. You're into hexies too! Like Wendy says, they're additive. Very nice!