Saturday, August 2, 2014

daytripping to.....

steeplebush herb farm in limington, maine...about an hour NW of our coastal location.  it was another stellar friday weather wise, and we had a casual, meandering ride through rural areas to find this picture perfect place.  the owner was in the garden, and she and her two dogs welcomed us to wander and browse.  there were also some katahdin sheep grazing nearby, sheep that shed and do not required shearing...interesting!

the tiny shop was jam packed with all varieties of dried herbs, potpourris, herb mixes, hand made soaps and gifts.  i always enter shops like this gingerly (no pun) due to my sensitivity to certain fragrances, but here it wasn't overpowering.  the scent of a couple of her mixes didn't agree with me, but overall a short visit was tolerated.  the shop was surrounded by blooming, well-manicured gardens and potted plants for sale.  alas, we have no growing space at all, so we just admired.  after leaving the shop, we ventured to a new mexican restaurant for lunch, then off to the beach.  it was a jam-packed day away and oh-so enjoyable.  we like to take advantage of good days as much as possible as jan/feb are so very long and confining.  **** this morning i am tweaking the baby quilt top.  i had used a striped print and thought it didn't matter if all the striped squares faced the same way...wrong!  last night the hawaiian got more attention too.  once the baby quilt top is fixed, it's back to cabana daydreams, for a hopeful sunday flimsy.  **** FLASH!  minick & simpson's "lexington" is now in stores.   i smell an early birthday present for meeeeee!


  1. What an interesting place. Do herbal scents usually present problems for you, Grace?
    (BTW, my BIL raises that same breed of sheep, I believe. The name looks familiar, and I know they shed.)
    Haven't seen Lexington--I'll have to keep my eyes open.
    Your header is so fun!

  2. The herb farm had one small quilt in their display, what fun!