Tuesday, July 29, 2014

christmas present for UFOs....

before july is gone, thought i should open and assemble a christmas gift that has been hanging around, partly because i knew the drawers weren't THAT big and wanted to make the best use of the space.  have now decided this will be my UFO cabinet...so hopefully that will encourage me to LIMIT the number of UFOs i have; actually it's more like a WIP cabinet, for those that are currently stored in shoeboxes.  when i have a bit more space, it can reside next to the sewing table for quick access and, ahem, hopefully quick finishes.  it is smaller than i had thought, like who reads box info?  it will be easy to move when THAT happens, which is still the plan and i'm still more than half packed up for same.  anyway, thanks sis, for gifting me with this.  i know it will be used a lot.  **** been mostly working on the 2 machine projects, a baby quilt and the cabana daydreams.  ****  cool here for late july, actually been a cooler than normal summer, but sun is shining and temps are high 70s all week.  a taste of fall and delightful for doing just about anything.   

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  1. Nice use of the pretty, portable drawers.
    I wish we were having a cooler than normal summer. Actually, today was cooler, but I think it is the only day this month. : )