Monday, July 28, 2014

monday playtime

inspired by victoria findlay wolfe, spent time today playing in the daydreams scraps.  while it took considerably more than 15 minutes to assemble this piece for a little project in progress, i am satisfied with the result.  and i did use up a significant number of the little pieces of leftovers.  there are plenty left of course--that is how it goes with scraps--some did get used.  these colors are simply eye popping and i might just make more daydreams fabrics to use for other things.  ****  hard to believe this is the last week of july, summer 2/3 over, and so quickly.  now back to the machine and more play!


  1. Your fabric looks beautiful! I heard Victoria Findlay Wolfe speak the other day and saw of her quilts. She is very inspirational.

  2. Soft, pretty colors--and that does look like a lot of work to me!! : )
    I know, where has summer gone?

  3. How smart of you to use even the smallest scraps. I saw bags on Instragam where the maker used "made" fabric for the pockets. Very neat. Thank you for sharing.