Monday, August 4, 2014

design wall monday

only 3 days into august and have made good progress on finishing up the applique for my hawaiian quilt.  the center portion (pictured) and 2 of the quadrants are done....can i get the other 2 done in august?  we shall see....icky weather weekend equals more sewing time, but beach weather is returning some time this week.  ****  yesterday had to do some resewing on the baby quilt top.  the stripe i used absolutely required that all stripes should go in the same direction, so required a fix.  the backing is on orange with white polka after a wash/dry, can work on getting that tied and finished.  ***  today working on cabana daydreams for a while.  the flimsy top is over half done and hoping to get that completed between today and tomorrow.  ***** with handwork project lined up for the near future, the machine work can focus on the projects in my WIP storage an upcoming swap of blocks and the weekly sew-a-long.  enough to keep me occupied?  no problem!


  1. I'm excited to see your progress on the Hawaiian quilt. It is so gorgeous--I can still remember how stunning it was to see it in person. Hard to believe that in 2 months it will have been a year since we met up!

  2. I remember seeing this gorgeous top in the parking lot of The Canoe! It is still wonderful, even if I can't stand to do applique myself, I appreciate it. Your stitches were so tiny they were invisible!