Wednesday, July 23, 2014

buying time

this is a quilt i made for my dad back in the 1980s......a hand pieced and hand quilted drunkard's path variation.  it has seen better days and plenty of use.  are the patches fraying? not at all, but the binding, which i did by turning the back to the front, has frayed.  with still some useful years left, my task now is to add a new, sturdier binding until it breathes its last.  repairing old quilts is not nearly as much fun as making new ones, but can't quite part with this one yet.  ****  all the baby quilt squares are cut and ready to assemble.  first, though, must finish the cabana daydreams flimsy.  ****  summer continues with plenty of fun inside and outside left to enjoy! 


  1. What a treasure and filled with happy memories! So worthy of the new binding.

  2. I agree, repairing an old quilt is not nearly as much fun as making a new one; but, knowing that a quilt has been used and loved (sometimes to a threadbare state) makes it all worthwhile! It's a pretty, soft and wonderful treasure.