Thursday, June 28, 2012

where ARE those elves?

you remember the story, right?  the elves who came into the workshop at night and made shoes for the shoemaker?  well, where are they anyway?  i've got the fabric and the book, and i thought they might sneak in and make this beautiful quilt for me....not too much to ask i don't think, do you?  too bad buying the book doesn't automatically get the quilt done, i say.  if so, i'd have a bigger stack of finished things and a bigger collection of books too, no doubt.  how did this thought enter my head?  i'm thinking about another book i'd like to have, a beginning baltimore quilt book by mimi dietrich.  a baltimore quilt has been on my "to do someday" list.  too bad i can't buy the book and have those elves come around.  wouldn't that be easy?  and it would then justify buying the book too, which is my current quandary.....


  1. Wish I could say they were at my house finishing up some projects, but no that would be me trying to work on a UFO or two. I really haven't forgotten about getting together for lunch.....soon I promise.

  2. Judging by all of the finished projects I see on some blogs (including this one) I think the elves are out there somewhere working for some lucky quilters--just not me. : )