Saturday, June 30, 2012

batik beauties

i am not a new quilter by any means.  over the years i heard many gush over batiks and simply didn't get it.  now i can't believe i didn't pay closer attention to these awesomely gorgeous fabrics.  first, the pattern itself is inconsequential.  it is all about the color and the movement the pattern makes.  though i tend to stay away from dark greens and browns, the tropical colors and the indigos grab me.  such was the case at a maine shop the other was their month-long sale. lest you gasp over yet more added stash, these are FQs or quarter yards; the blues are fat 8ths, so the total is not that alarming, simply as it was so difficult to choose and i wanted to bring home all of them (i didn't).   i have a scrappy quilt in mind using all batiks.  hard to believe they all go together but they do, they really do.  on today's agenda?  make a list of all that needs to be done before vacation arrives.  i've only a little over 3 months to do it!


  1. I've lived that same story with batiks. Used to smile and nod when people gushed over them, wondering in my head what the fuss was all about. Now my heart flutters a little when I see a good selection of batiks. I have to drive about 45 minutes north to the best selection in my neck of the woods, but I do it willingly when I want a batik fix. They have half a wall. But my favorite selection--a full wall of batiks (be still my heart) is 1 1/2 hours away to the south and I only get there once or twice a year.
    You got some beauties--love the indigos.

  2. I went through a long batik I am using up the batik stash. I love the colors but not so much the quilting of it. That those indigos!

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