Monday, June 25, 2012


nearly 2 years ago, i enjoyed my first trip to lancaster for fabric shopping.  i came home with 11.5 yards of fabric, mostly solids, in a very cramped suitcase.  now i'm delighted to say this is just about all that's left.  there are some scraps and a few pieces under a FQ size but the majority has been used up as of today.  from the charcoal i cut pieces for an ocean waves quilt in progress.  using the charcoal is a world of difference choice than black, much easier on the eyes.  there is a spool of charcoal aurifil quilting thread just waiting for this quilt, too.  **** with a week of showers looming for just about every day, it'll be great sewing time.  that new bottle of sunscreen is just going to have to wait a bit until mr. sun returns. 

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  1. Oh, I wish we would get a week of showers and I would get a break from watering the vegetable garden, the corn patch, the raspberry patch, the strawberry bed and all of the flower beds. The lawn just has to fend for itself. : )
    I like the suggestion for charcoal versus black. Had never considered that.