Friday, June 29, 2012

what was i thinking?

did i say new book?  when i put back my kaffe fassett book, i saw this one again.  it came from amazon, meaning it was used AND it has more than enough patterns to satisfy my baltimore quilt hunger.  so now i can forget about that new book (sorry, mimi) and use this instead.  now to scout out those elves!  **** went daytripping a bit yesterday on a glorious, perfect june day.  went somewhere quilty too...but that's for another post, so stay tuned.  **** and a thank you to bonnie who has posted scads of photos from her vermont classes.  i haven't been to the new venue and was avoiding it a bit, but it looks comfy and adequate, not to mention cool from a/c, so maybe next year.  i tried last year but the 2 classes i wanted were filled 4 days after registration opened, can you believe it?  even though it's a terrific show, it's still a 3+ hour ride from where i am, so not really a day trip.  i confess, i am still influenced by my treks to VQF years ago when it was hot and humid and there was no a/c anywhere. 

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