Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the culprit?

not sure but likely could be.  just to the front right is my sewing machine, and just to the front left is the TV and in front of that is laptop.  possibly some debris blew in from the parking lot and got lodged in my eye.  at today's MD visit, 6th in 6 days, am finally making progress toward healing.  not back to full use yet, but maybe by weekend.  slept thru night for the first time since thursday.  kudos to my mom for bearing the total cooking, cleaning, errand tasks, not to mention banking and mailing chores for me and chauffeuring to and from medical appointments.  and because we live in a cramped apartment, when i don't sleep well, often it wakes her as well.  for a couple of sleep deprived zombies, we're doing ok!  i confess, i was frightened but now see that all will be well in time.  with my vacation a mere 5+ weeks away, it was scary, but back to making my lists and checking 'em twice!


  1. Good thing Mom has been able to pick up the slack for you. What a blessing to have her. And what a blessing that this will be cleared up before your long anticipated retreat!

  2. Glad to hear your eye is doing better.