Tuesday, September 11, 2012

just call me jackie...

as in jackie sparrow OR....finding yet another way to use up the solid stash!  please ignore the hair disarray, you don't see jack sparrow running around with brush and mousse either.  seriously, to give comfort to my ailing sinister eye, the pupil has been chemically dilated.  it is imperative to cover that eye unless one enjoys losing lunch the unpleasant way.  i am in near visual drydock, unable to do much of anything that requires 2 good, equally focused eyes.  i can't type for very long either, so this is a short post.  this is a lemons to lemonade moment and one of those days that takes a bit of fortitude to enjoy.  even so, i am thankful it isn't worse, is fixable and that i have access to medical care, all too aware that many cannot say the same, even in this great country. 


  1. so glad to hear it is fixable, one of my worst fears is losing eyesight. Probably a holdover from so many of my grandmother's generation getting cararact or other diseases that were unfixable at the time, so go pillage Jackie Sparrow and quilt another day

  2. Hope you can be freed from drydock soon. That has got to be frustrating. But yes, look on the bright side. Glad to know it can be corrected!

  3. Quilting can wait but your health and eye sight can't. Take care of your eye and listen to books on audio, the radio or even TV while healing. Keep up your good attitude.

    Susan R