Thursday, September 13, 2012

PA packing

even with only 1 good eye, i can fondle fabric!  the big project for the upcoming retreat is the civil war diary quilt.  i think i have 3 of the 121 blocks done...that's it.  so, plenty more to do.  i've printed the foundations, packed them up along with the book and CD.  next task was to choose the fabrics i wanted to take for this task.  sure, i could have bought more but i really didn't need to.  so, i've narrowed it down to these 2 totes of repro fabrics; the one on the right is all jo morton fabrics.  this should be enough and will hopefully make a serious dent in both the stash AND the blocks needed to complete this quilt.  it's a big one, unusual for me, but i am, of course (no surprise) late coming to the civil war diary quilt party.  *****  and welcome back to the quilty part of this blog.  i've more eye appointments tomorrow but (keeping fingers crossed) so far so good.


  1. I enlarged the photo to peruse the fabrics. I recognize much of what I can see. Hey, at least you made it to the party. Civil War Diary Quilt is a beauty, but I have yet to join in.
    Good luck with your appointments!

  2. glad to hear(read) you are doing better. I have never done a quilt retreat sounds like a fun time.

  3. So glad to hear that your sore eye is on the mend! You have been on my prayer list for a speedy recovery. The packing looks like fun fondling of fabrics!