Saturday, September 15, 2012

in all seriousness...

if you had been around me this past week during my eye injury, treatment and snail's pace recuperation, you would have heard plenty of jokes about getting a service dog, signing up for braille quilting and the like.  all kidding aside, i was more than a tiny bit frightened about this problem.  when i could not use my eye or open it even, i quickly realized how limited my life was.  i spent a few days just listening to radio and TV, not being able to do any visual things in my normal routine.  it made me even more in awe of one of my heroes, helen keller.  though she had never really known sight or hearing, it must have been like living in a dark, silent cave.  without my normal bilateral vision, i felt like i was in a dark cave, shunned, ostracized, cut off from the normal seeing world.  i'm still not quite back to my usual seeing tasks (last sunday's paper is still waiting), but i can't imagine i'll take any of them for granted.....not ever....and i am more mindful of protecting my eyes in potentially harmful situations i'd have otherwise ignored. 


  1. glad to hear you are on the mend. Eyes are so precious and we take our sight for granted. So scary when something goes wrong! It's hard to believe your retreat is now only 5 short weeks away...I know you'll have a wonderful with envy here!

  2. thank you cheryl....i'm posting a response here since your blog is private...