Monday, July 30, 2012

summer flimsy

this was a free online pattern called "frolic", generously made available by sandy gervais a few years back.  mine has fewer borders but the same basic idea.  i'd been saving these watermelon themed fabrics just for this.  it'll get basted and hand quilted, rounding the corners to give the illusion of a watermelon.  i think it's cute and will be a cute table topper for summer, er next summer....LOL!  ***** so that's another small stash of fabric no longer in the elfa drawers.  some small scraps left but no biggie.  ***** maine quilts over for another year.  i only brought home 2 half-yard pieces of fabric, one of which is already earmarked for a particular project.  **** on olympic overdose yet?  nahhh, me either.

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