Wednesday, August 1, 2012

best of show

this is "rainbow nouveau" by margaret solomon gunn, best of the maine show this year.  margaret makes beautiful pieced and machine quilted quilts that can be seen at most every major show, and she nearly always garners ribbons for her work.  in addition to her stellar work, she has young children who need her care, so you know she has to find time to do this inbetween normal mothering stuff.  some years ago, margaret chaired a four seasons little quilt swap in which i participated.  her latest is shown on facebook, if you want to see...well done, margaret, and well deserved!


  1. That is an amazing piece. I think it is great to have a creative outlet while mothering. When my children were young I used to create rubber stamp art samples for stamp stores and magazines. Time consuming, but kept me energized!