Wednesday, February 1, 2023

wednesday doings

getting ready for uber-cold here, which in maryland speak means 30 or less...LOL!  well i guess it'll be very cold with wind chill.  my maine family getting much worse....take a look.

the only good thing about temps like that is the likelihood of sea smoke, which is just beautiful!

have fully recovered from my stairway spill and walking pretty good again...also managed to get caught up on household stuff.  ***  a few UFOs getting closer to finish....pulled this out and now hate to put it aside...

finished the first of 4 blocks with planned border of swags, that's IF i can find the matching green.  it was set aside but now appears to be long gone, got used i guess.  i do have some of the maroon fabric but not enough i think.  this got started after a visit to BAS (baltimore applique society), a meeting on vintage red/green quilts. i think i'm hooked on applique now....

valentine piece done and ready to deliver.  happy to infuse some delight into DD's life, one that's had many more heartaches than most.   Miss Sunny was introduced to the walking foot and performed just fine.

and have auditioned a few fabrics from the stash for "tuscan"....still no aha so will wait for lancaster.  have postponed my trip to a warmer day, better for moseying.  am leaning toward a yellow gold rather than the light...but will depend on what is available.  this one here is too dark...too bad as i have about 3 yards on hand.

another housing interview...if the next move is another disaster, just might resort to a hemlock milkshake...not really, but it is more than wearying and annoying.  revolting how many of these housing people are totally dishonest in what they say....sigh


  1. Ah, I am sorry to see that our Maine friends (and your family). will be dealing with those cold temps and windchill. Our coldest nights were 30 below these past few nights, but I don't know about the windchill.
    Your applique is beautiful! I hope you can find the fabrics you need.
    I'm glad your walking foot worked well on Miss Sunny. I have one machine that doesn't have a walking foot option. The shop where we bought it has tried to get something in, but they never worked, so I finally quilt trying. I have one on my main machine and love it.
    Beautiful Valentine finish.
    Hope when you get to Lancaster you can find a background that clicks for you.
    I will be praying that you are able to find the right housing option for you!

  2. We will be having a lot of snow and very cold weather tonight. Wind chill will be brutal here too. Your applique is lovely! Glad to hear you are ok after taking a spill on the stairs. I'm ever so careful now on stairs after my spill. Hope you find something good in your housing search.

  3. Good weather to stay home and work on quilts.

  4. Sounds the perfect weather for working on quilting projects both new and old! Have a lovely weekend. Christine xx

  5. Hey there Grace hon, I'm so glad you're feeling better after your spill. That must have been really scary for you. I love all the things you've been working on, isn't it nice to get things moving toward finished? Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. What a sweet Valentine for your daughter, Grace! Hoping you and your Maine relatives manage to stay warm in this weekend's cold snap. They are calling for 17 degrees overnight here in North Carolina. Brrr!!!

  7. Blimey! I can’t imagine temperatures that cold. You stay snug inside. Your projects are looking good. I’m glad the walking foot worked. Good luck with your housing.