Sunday, February 5, 2023

A Sunny sewing Sunday

today's the day many are waiting for...a day when temperatures rise!  it's gonna be 50 here today for us and sunny too i hope!  but it'll be sunny inside with Miss Sunny whirring away on a UFO project, another that got put aside.   I have been quilting on the Kaffe wall quilt to get it done when i spied this....

this is the "sidewalk" in the neighborhood and SOMEONE cut it too who??  must have been binge watching Vera that day.  then SOMEONE sewed it on without a second out came basting, picked up ripper and took it off, trimmed to the correct size, then had to adjust length of 2 connecting sides, resew everything and rebaste....took a few hours but happy to say quilting the border houses is nearly half done and a definite finish next week....stay tuned! 

after lots of hand work last week, a machine day is needed.  pulled out this UFO to see how far it could progress.  these plaid strips got cut for another project that was abandoned but rather than toss the strips, printed off foundations for small spider web units.

don't plan to cut more strips, just use what's in the drawer.  and this time, i was sure to set aside plenty of navy blue for all that will be needed.  have always liked this block but passed on a full size quilt.  will see how much gets done today....after exercise and some dreaded cooking, then washing up.  

february in full swing....counting the days til my family visit late March...this month we celebrate our mother's 96th birthday....we--the sibs and I--are beyond blessed to have her with us, still living independently, still that youthful countenance, still sound mind and able to care for herself...a true gift from God.  soooo, keep warm and sew on!


  1. You're finding plenty to keep you busy.

  2. The plaid quilt will be nice and bright and just as well you found your boo boo now, while it could still be fixed. Enjoy that slightly warmer weather.

  3. You're not the only one watching're also not the only one with a seam ripper......Stay warm, Elaine in UK

  4. Binge watching Vera -- and Britbox has season 12 on now!

  5. Good for you tackling that error "someone" made. I have a tendency to toss such problems into the back of the closet until I can face them again, rather than just getting it taken care of. Kudos!
    Loving the plaids with the navy blue background.
    You are very blessed to have your Mom still with you, and still mentally and physically able.

  6. Love all your projects. Spider web is intriguing. May have to look for the foundation for it!