Thursday, January 26, 2023

thursday chat

yes thursday already!  after 45 minutes of winter yesterday--yes, a bit of snow--spring has returned this maine relatives are getting walloped with it tho....oh no!!!  i've been busy playing with Sunny....

i made her a cute little cover busting some of those strips on hand....wild but will keep her dust free.  totally free sewing, no lining at all, just sewn on batting.  still on the prowl for a cabinet but no rush.

got this little wall quilt into flimsy....DD has indeed claimed it for her front door, will get it finished and off to her in plenty of time.  

blood thinner issues persist but slowly improving.  i've got 2 wall quilts nearly finished quilting with binding prepped, so should cross off at least one before january's gone.  ***  the sun is out today which should fuel my mojo.  some mandatory scratch cooking to be done and gym visit.  seriously in need of a day trip and mini-vacay from village dreariness and the hunt for fabric for 'tuscan starburst' background.  will wait until after cardio visit to make sure all is well.  i've become the dreaded high-maintenance woman it seems!


  1. Cute cover for your new friend. So long as you keep up with the maintenance, you'll have many more shopping trips.

  2. Sunny has a colorful, happy cover.
    Wow, no dust settled on that Valentine fabric, and it didn't even have a dust cover. Very pretty results!
    Isn't it fun being high maintenance? (NOT)

  3. Two cute little projects. Isn’t it nice that your daughter appreciates your stitching.

  4. Nice to have a goal (sewing machine cabinet) when you hit the thrift shops. The heart-y mini is very cute. High maintenance, but you're worth every cent.

    1. thanks a healthy dose of vit D sunshine today and it has improved my mood....

  5. Not to worry about being "high maintenace"; it's that time of year when the gray, gloomies can set in. You're SEW good about keeping yourself busy, this feeling is fleeting; you simply need a good dose of sunshine. Speaking of that: I LOVE Sunny's "coat of many colors". Hugs, my firend~

  6. thanks for kind words as always mrs. g!