Saturday, May 13, 2017

easy peasy?

not by a long shot....the book describes this as a long-term project, not to be rushed, and after getting just one row done, i can see why.  it's probably made more so by how fabrics are placed.  and while i was ho-hum about this after a couple of blocks, am now starting to get more interested and can't wait to see row 2 finished when the first 2 gray/white accent designs will be complete. 

even tho pattern came from the book "modern neutrals," this in no way describes my version.  am already thinking about how it will look after quilting is done...again many thanks go to stashbuster pals who so generously shared their orange scraps with me; just wondering now if i have enough!!  will know better after another couple of rows are done.  now you know how i'll be spending part of my summer vacation....


  1. I don't know that I have any of those particular oranges, but I have some can send. Then you can start working them in now, so it won't all be different oranges at the end.

  2. very kind janet but don't send anything yet...i need to use up what's on hand first....but thanks!

  3. Just holler if you need them!