Friday, May 12, 2017

sew along progress?

not sure progress is the right we are nearly halfway into the year and only these measly arcs done...i keep them next to the machine for leaders/enders but also use whatever project i'm working on, so not many arcs get done. 

nice and scrappy as i'd hoped...have white for the background; maybe this weekend can get some centers and melons cut and start assembling blocks.  ***  the rambling rose piece is nearly ready to bind.  the orange mod is on deck.   that's enough for this weekend anyway.   can't believe friday has rolled around again...when i worked, the weeks flew by and i thought it was the job....nope!


  1. Noah didn't build his ark in a day, why should you? Wink! These are really pretty!

  2. This will be wonderful! Love the scrappy goodness!
    And you are going to put me to shame--I started one of these so many years ago, and it is in a box awaiting assembly. All the arcs are sewn and the centers and melons are cut. What am I waiting for?? Oh, I know, the quilting fairies! LOL

  3. wait until you have days and weeks with nearly nothing to do like