Tuesday, May 9, 2017

this and that

how wonderful it is to have no sewing that HAS to be done and to just be able to pick up whatever feel like sewing....first up was these potholders....

my shoebox full of selvedges was overflowing so naturally potholders came to mind....will make great little gifties at some point....and then i spied this that has been waiting so long for some attention....

just one more block, but it whetted my mojo to make lots more.....

leaving me with these tiny waste triangles for some future fun..... today, though, it's finish the 'bargain basement' flimsy first and there is that vacuuming too.  quilting continues on the rambling rose project....plus have a stack of books waiting....and for those of you who enjoy the British mystery series "Vera," would like to recommend "Shetland" based on books by the same author.   The series has that same sort of eerie marsh atmosphere found in the "Vera" episodes and excellent quality mystery stories as well...now off to fire up the old viking!


  1. Those potholders are super! You are halfway to a potholder quilt - wink! Love the colors in the triangles. The pattern loos way too complicated for me. And thanks for the recommendation on the Shetland series. I probably won't catch it if it is after 9:00 but I do love British mysteries!

  2. Wonderful use of selvages, Grace!
    Bonus triangles are so fun. I have piles of them in my sewing room and love playing with them when the mood strikes.

  3. I really like the selvage potholders, Grace. We've enjoyed both Shetland and Vera on our PBS station.