Sunday, July 30, 2017

sunday update

brief blurb about vaca doings in no particular order....first up, a quick visit to BUSY THIMBLE and Cyndi's awesome repro shop netted me this...

a gorgeous piece of betsy chutchian's new line of fabric....unfortunately my fabric budget is practically nil or would have--and COULD have--picked up a whole lot more.  in addition to the gorgeous fabric and reconnecting with Cyndi, blog pals Wendy and Randy were also trying to choose from Cyndi's entire collection!  Randy is visiting from California and Wendy is local, but it's always good to meet up with blog pals!  this fabric will always be a reminder of that visit....  ***  then a day trip to U of Maine in Orono to see these gems...

these are photos of documents written by my Whitney ancestors.  what an awesome treat this was!  the small collection consisted of two hand-written ledgers of sawmill transactions, meticulously detailed and recorded.  in addition some other miscellaneous correspondence was included.  one was a shopping list that included "a straw bonnet with lining and trimming" and a "pair of women's calfskin shoes, size 5"....there was also a note to a merchant in Salem that requested additions to an order sent by a ship captain who was ferrying lumber that listed "6 barrels dry fish, 2 barrels rum" among other was a brief glimpse into the lives of people whose blood runs thru my veins and it was simply amazing to know i've touched actual pamplets written by them.  *** and last but certainly not least, these events were bookended by coastal is warm and sunny but not really hot; in other words, just perfect!

our rental got upgraded from a compact to an SUV, so we are vacationing in extreme comfort and style...and another day of fun ahead!


  1. That is beautiful fabric, Grace.
    How fun to meet up with Wendy and Randy. Can I admit I am a tad jealous about the 4 of you being together there? : )
    I love that you were able to see those documents written by ancestors. I am trying to collect all I can of my ancestors' histories.
    Glad the weather is cooperating for your vacation--and that you get to ride in style along the way.

  2. :) weather is downright awesome....75-80 and sunny, dry, breezy every day so far and for immediate future...a real gift for sure...