Thursday, May 18, 2017

what's in the box?

well, this is what WAS in the box yesterday morning....with an entire day ahead, thought perhaps could wipe out this box of batik scraps...

and by late wednesday night, this is what was left....

the trash was full of colorful itty bitty trimmings and this was on the design wall....finally...

once complete, it'll fit perfectly on the inside of my apartment door...i think i should call it 'lifesavers'....and the vacuuming?  it did get finished but you can hardly tell now....threads and snips all over the place.  having and taking an entire day is a terrific way to stay on task and make real headway into finishing these UFOs....i've another one already lined up for another such day which could be saturday or sunday.  try it, you'll like it!


  1. Those tropical pineapples look delicious!!

  2. Very bright & pretty blocks. Did you paper piece them or use a special ruler? I have this on my to do list but have been thinking of trying a ruler instead of paper piecing. Still trying to decide and checking other people's opinions of the easier way to make the blocks.

    1. paper pieced...but if the ruler works, i'd go for it...less work at the end...i actually have the pineapple ruler but wimped out...

  3. thanks for the answer, think I will stick with the paper. At least I know how to do it already.