Tuesday, May 16, 2017

this and that

monday awoke with every good intention to tackle some housework....only takes a couple of hours and wanted to get it done for the week....but my quilty mojo had other ideas.  while tidying up to vacuum, spied this stack of leftovers of cheddar and indigo and wondered what i could use them for....recently saw a doll quilt done in a braid and decided to try it...

yep, these will do nicely and should almost bust this little pile, but back to vacuum....before could pull out the machine, checked email and once again saw my stickie note about "wild turkeys"....plus ads for christmas fabrics...yikes, christmas already?  better get my turkeys done first....so located the templates i had prepared and went to the stash for fabrics....found these nice plaids and some fallish cottons and next thing i know, here they are ready to applique....but back to the vacuum....finally! 

by evening after supper AND vacuuming was done, sat for some TV with this project...the senior center's QOV.   this quilt was in the frame when i arrived last year with the intent of everyone doing the quilting, which didn't happen.  before you could say "red white and blue" i volunteered to finish the quilting, so it's my early summer project.  have a good head start, and we are hoping for maybe a july 4th presentation or veterans' day if not....

today's plan is to finish up the housework--honestly it is--and then more sewing of some sort...so nice to have plenty of choices!


  1. I had to laugh Grace, that sounds like me every Saturday morning! Quilting always wins over housework. I love all your projects!

  2. Oh, I know about those good intentions and how easily they fall to the wayside! You keep discovering little piles of stash and come up with wonderful creations.

  3. Well if there have to be distractions quilty ones are pretty darn good ones!

  4. Oh, I have lived this scenario so many times myself!! : )
    I am really loving the indigo and cheddar braid. Can't wait to see how that turns out!!

  5. When the fabric speaks to you, you should listen.....the housework will keep. The QOV looks beautiful!

  6. The lighter pink fabric in the QOV really shows off your wonderful hand quilting! good job! ewww, housework?