Monday, May 15, 2017

monday finish

it's the rambling rose wallhanging now ready to hang up in my apartment!  the institutional everything beige walls will set this off nicely....when i used the dark brown for the geese, i thought they were too dark in comparison to other shades in this layer cake.  but once the green border was on, they toned down nicely and i'm glad i chose to use that color sparingly.  i'm a fan of fabric designer sandy gervais and her color combos and this is no exception....

looks like summer is headed our way this week with temps at 90 on the horizon.  and hope your mother's day was as awesome as mine....just being able to be with my daughter and SIL was priceless!  no real plans for monday except household stuff and probably good is that?


  1. This turned out very pretty--sure to brighten up the "institutional beige"!
    I like Sandy Gervais as well.
    Oh, the 90s--not yet for me! We have a cool week ranging from the 40s to the 60s.

  2. This is so sweet! It is funny that you made it with a layer cake, because when I saw the thumbnail on my sidebar, it looked like a "cake". I think because the colors are so soft, it looked like frosting!

  3. Such pretty colors/prints! Glad you and your DD had a nice day together. Sunshine here and temps predicted to warm up. At last!

  4. Rambling rose is a real pretty quilt! glad that you're going to keep it on display at home to cheer you when you're trapped indoors hugging your AC, LOL!