Tuesday, May 30, 2017

monday sewing

this was the kind of holiday weekend of which i had long dreamed....of course, missed not getting together with family...that comes later...but no real big plans, plenty of quilty ideas and mojo...just meander through the 3 days and do what the fates prompted....and as janet had requested....

finished the braid doll quilt flimsy...a large quilt from this pattern was on my wish list, now crossed off...all those bias edges are fussy!   this satisfied my piecing curiosity....have some indigo/white plaid binding all ready for it too...and what's left from the FQ bundle?  this much...

not too, too much but enough for another little quilt?  quite possibly....and dug into my orphan blocks and found this, which will soon have company.  the flash washed it out but you get the idea.

i think the FQ bundle originally had about 3-4 yards total, so after this one, the remains will go into the scrap basket and could even use it all up...wouldn't that be a feat!!

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  1. My heart beat a bit faster when I saw that little quilt top in indigo and cheddar. It looks as wonderful as I had anticipated! I really like the way you carried the "white" chevrons across the quit and broke up the blue and cheddar ones.
    And I agree that the bias edges on braid quilts can be a big challenge--and I have only made a mini braid. I don't know how people make full bed quilts from that pattern.
    Glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend.
    Thanks, Grace, for making me smile on a trying day. : )