Wednesday, May 31, 2017

civil war marches on...

but this was no battle for sure...once again, put off a bit by the pattern photo but the actual project came out much more appealing to me.  as mentioned, this pattern and some fabrics for it were gifted to me about 2 years ago and have to admit, wasn't really drawn to finishing it.  been languishing in the stash all this time.  my resolve to vanquish UFOs brought it immediately to mind and, with house of cards on netflix, decided could get it done even without a huge amount of mojo.  after seeing the hourglass blocks attached--fabrics chosen at random--my mojo perked up and the 2nd red border sent it into overdrive.  i believe those few blue hourglass blocks really helped it a lot cohesive-wise. 

included in the packet were some really nice eagle and lincoln portrait nickels but alas, not quite large enough for those corner squares, for which i used a print of words that describe lincoln.  the final border is some large patchwork squares that are in process now.  the impetus to finish this to flimsy stage is high and, because it has no real destination, low priority for basting and quilting.  so just call me pleasantly surprised once more!  i hope the gifter sees and likes this....thank you!


  1. Well, I am not "the quilter", but I see it and like it. : )

  2. wow, that looks great, Grace! I love those hourglass blocks in the border, they really set off the center panel nicely!