Monday, May 29, 2017

from every mountainside....

let freedom ring!   and we owe our freedoms to so many who gave so much....they will never be forgotten....proud to be the descendant of a revolutionary captain, a war of 1812 captain, a WWI soldier and a WW2 soldier...

and in homage to all the brave souls throughout the centuries....i finished my RWB pin cushions....

i really love the RWB crisp, so soul-stirring, so patriotic....this is a holiday monday so rules say no housework today...LOL....but raining so no cookout either...guess it's another sew day?  yep!


  1. Wonderful collection of patriotic pincushions! And I love your new header photo, too!

  2. Beautiful pin cushions. We did our cook out with family yesterday, so it's definitely a sew day for me! Enjoy yours.

  3. Cute pin cushions and I agree, no housework on a holiday. I spent mine sewing.

  4. They are beautiful, Grace. They make me smile! Great job!