Sunday, January 1, 2017

hello 2017!

without guy lombardo or dick clark, new year's eve just isn't the spent the evening binge watching 'downton abbey' and sewing of course!   have resisted resolutions (except for no long-term sew alongs!) and any major organizing yet, but have roughed out a january list of things hope to accomplish.  christmas is put away but now the apartment need a thorough once-over before getting back into the swing of my regular schedule.  my one general hope is to whittle down the stash even further and finish as much as possible, just to alleviate bags and boxes of waiting projects. ***  and the end-of-year tally for stash is a net use of 22.25 yards, so that is good indeed.  the huge 365 flimsy was not factored in that total, but did keep all my empty spools from the year and a lot of thread got used.   most of the little orange spools were new and this photo is a good indication.  


  1. Happy New Year, Grace! I hope that 2017 will be pleasantly productive for you.