Thursday, January 5, 2017

round one...

of the final four corner blocks is completed.  i've included a photo of the next phase yet to be done.  it's been a busy week so done well to get this far.   the completed top is in sight and though it's tedious, at least not getting more blocks every day to add to the task...

as you can see, the next part is not simple and is no doubt time consuming.  all the while i'm doing this, muttering "no more sew alongs"....but of course that's for now. 

when the tedium is peaking, take a break and do something different....this is an official UFO now ready to baste.   it needed some stitchery and that fine nose kindly sent to me by a blogger....the pesky iron has left a stain on one of the blocks, so once it's finished, needs washing before it goes into the finish pile.  

am also quilting a new placemat for my tray table and the christmas baubles wall hanging is being quilted too...afraid i've lagged behind on bonnie hunter's mystery....up next are more doll clothes, the westering women and farmer's wife projects.....that's how my new year's starting....and yours?


  1. I admire your persistence on this project. I know I would not have stuck with it, as you have. It is going to look incredible. I hope you will be able to look upon it with joy when it is completed, in spite of the tedium you endure now. : )