Friday, December 30, 2016

christmas prezzies...

in addition to the previously posted cheddars and quilt calendar, received these very nice gifts....first up, a soothing and tasty cold weather spice tea....plain tea is not my thing, but this delicious blend just tastes so, so almost seems too special to drink on ordinary days but i do anyway and it tastes like a holiday indeed!

next up are a few things from vic....dear vic has a problem in that one little gift is simply nowhere enough....she is a serial giver!   i did tell her earlier this year that i was limited to cards this year, but she ignored my hint and was thus a fortunate beneficiary of her generosity....and she knows i am appreciative....

two snuggly pillowcases, a cute patchwork stocking, rotary blades and 9 FQs of indigo crossing....she knows i love blues!   she is probably hunkered down in her sewing space watching snow fall...LOL!   in addition to these items, a joann's gift card,  another generic gift card and some very nice homemade soap from janet in UT.....consider myself so darn blessed for these gifts but especially the givers who have made my first christmas away from new england so special....thank you one and all!

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  1. Looks like you had some fun surprises--especially from that sweetheart, Vic! : )