Friday, November 25, 2016

not too soon....

to pull out the christmas quilt as my first holiday decoration.   arriving home after wonderful turkey day (although we had ham) with my daughter, son-in-love and my mom visiting from maine, went to the quilt pile.  it is a smallish quilt so put another underneath, the amish pinwheel with the wool batt.

this is a true scrappy as even the background white fabrics are a variety of scraps.  my other christmas quilt is a double wedding ring done with solid forest green and cranberry.   ***  blessed holiday and visit with my mom.  wednesday we went to gettysburg battlefield which is GINORMOUS!   spent 3.5 hours driving thru reading many informational plaques and monuments as we took in the enormity of the casualties, the battle, the landscape (which was mostly woods at the time) and the general atmosphere of such a hallowed place.  normally chatty, it overwhelmed us into reverent silence for the sacrifices of so many and disgust as, in today's world, many tramp on those sacrifices because of their own agendas.  the plaques listed the action over the days of the battles, the number originally sent, those killed or wounded and the many missing whose remains must rest below the earth in such a solemn place.  urge you to go if you are ever nearby.  then a quick trip to harper's ferry and finally home to relieve our fanny fatigue.  ***  thankfulness continues with post-holiday sewing time and finally mystery clue #1!


  1. Sounds like you have had a very good holiday, Grace. Time with family, reminders of those who sacrificed to help make our blessing possible, and sewing time--good times.
    That is a great scrappy Christmas creation!

  2. Love your Christmas quilt and glad that you enjoyed a great holiday Thanksgiving with family!

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