Saturday, November 26, 2016


not!!!   not when 365 needs attention....latest stack....excited to be nearing the end of this year-long challenge.

the 6" block is the next-to-last of its size for the dark border....just the one more 6" dark block and 18 smalls to finish the dark squares, then move on to the last and light border.  skipped over the tiny tree of life and chose a bonus block that was posted for those who needed one.  even if had funds to shop, simply no time.  have a small christmas gift list that was finalized before this weekend, so no impulse buying either.  much more enjoyable playing in the stash than fighting for parking spaces, standing in store lines and elbowing crowds.  the holiday season has begun!  i'll be linking up with oh scrap! because quilting IS way more fun than housework!


  1. Such pretty blocks, I really love that red and darks 6" one. You are having a good time and avoiding all the crowds, so smart!

  2. No shopping for me, either!
    Love seeing what you create from these patterns. I especially like that star with the teal looking prints.

  3. Beautiful blocks, looking forward to seeing when it's all finished. I shopped online mostly. Didn't even go to JoAnn's this year like I usally do!