Sunday, November 20, 2016

super saturday!

exactly as weatherman had predicted (how spooky is that?) about 2 pm it turned dark and very windy and temps began to 3 hours went from 68 degrees to 40 matter to me....was engrossed in this that the mailman brought...

which had tons of eye candy and great articles, not to mention this...a gorgeous quilt by jo morton...

which had me drooling, but with laundry done was time to start supper....and what better for cold and blustery than this....clam chowder!   the simple new england kind with NO celery, NO flour, NO crazy herbs of any kind....just chowder with a dash of leftover cream added....mmm mmmm good!

will taste even better fortunate that my local market carries the chopped sea clams normally used, since fresh, whole, shucked are exorbitantly priced.  will provid needed sustenance for mega cleaning before company arrives early next week....


  1. Homemade chowder and a magazine on a cold dreary Sunday sounds great to me........I am having the same kind of day. How exciting that you will have company, enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    1. happy thanksgiving to you and your family also!


  2. Yummy! that magazine looks really tempting with that pretty Jo Morton quilt.