Wednesday, December 28, 2016

final 2016 finish...

the little peacock garden wallhanging is now done and off the list!   it measures 30" square so not THAT much stash busted (1.5 yards), but gone from the stash regardless.   started this from a gifted FQ bundle of very beautiful fabrics during my (hopefully) last year in housing limbo.

photo taken by my phone on a chair so it looks a bit convex.   my camera is currently out of this gets put into the finish pile for whenever.  and although it gets crossed off the list, the christmas baubles wall hanging will take its place, so the number for 2017 remains static at 35.   *** hoping santa was as good to you as he was to dear mum gave me a quilting mag subscription and this lovely calendar that'll double as wall art for the coming year.

ahhh, she knows me so well!  and if it's wednesday, it must be more 365 blocks day!

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  1. You certainly turned that bundle into a beauty!