Monday, October 31, 2016

holiday baking

some time in the last year, a blogger had links to several Christmas projects....found this called 'christmas baubles' by jen daly for the moda bakeshop.  with endless fabric combinations in the stash, started with this one....

still need to move some squares around and add borders, but so far looking good i think....already my mind is veering off to kaffe fassett fabrics?  batiks?   civil war repros?   any fabric style would work, depending on your decor and/or stash.....***  october is just about gone and, shamefully, have not finished one UFO....did bust a fair amount of fabric and basted quite a few items, so hoping november will fare better.  with the end of the year looming, plus planned finish of 2 big sew alongs, the 2017 UFO list will still be way too long.....not too many new things started this year and not very many new fabric to tempt me, which should help.  *** and a BIG thanks for those of you who commented on the previous post....


  1. What a clever idea. How large will this be when finished?

  2. Wow, you sure are productive & quick...Love the tree.

  3. Pretty "Christmas Baubles!"
    But wait, Halloween was yesterday, today was All Soul's Day, and what about Thanksgiving on the 24th of November and Bonnie K, Hunter's first clue on Black Friday the 25th of November?
    Slow down, wheee!

  4. This is very attractive, I love the pattern. You are doing well busting that stash!