Saturday, September 17, 2016

video recommendation...

yesterday morning getting ready to sew, popped in this video i found on the bookmobile...only an hour long but it was jam-packed with inspiration, ideas and enjoyment.  can heartily recommend it to see...five minutes in and my fingers were itching, my brain was whirring and the old viking and i were in sync...

reminded me of that oldie but goodie "quilts in womens' lives", another video well worth watching.  i  was block sewing of course, but the video gave me a sense of freedom and serendipity that took my "in the box" blocks to a new level.   first up was the next christmas block. this high contrast block was exactly what was needed.  have decided to replace the 2 blocks to the left....the polka dots are nice but too distracting from the focus fabric.  the lime with red/white print is a washout....the fabrics are nice but it takes more than good fabric to make a quilt work.   magazines show us quilts all the time that are ho-hum just to feature a fabric line, which defeats the purpose.   the 2 duds will go in the orphan block pile...anxious now to see the changes and a project with a bit more va-voom, if you know what i mean....

at day's end, my creative muse had been satisfied and 5 more blocks for 365 got finished as's agenda includes some farmer's wife blocks along with 365....or maybe a quilt to be tied?   now into the shower to get this day started!


  1. Finding different ways to use up the stash....might be worth looking for this video. I have been finding it a little easier to stay away for the usual BOM, etc that as you said are " ho-hum just to feature a fabric line". I am inspired by the beautiful pieces you create with your stash!

  2. Hello, I found many of these videos on ~~~
    many hours of sewing time!