Thursday, September 15, 2016

eleventh hour post....

had a busy day and after arriving home, had a teensy weensy nap and then a bit of caffeine, so got a second wind.....wanted to show my latest blocks.   now into september with these; skipped over the sept 1st 12" corner block as another will be posted in a couple of weeks, so will do them both at once.

figured would continue with these since the pile of dark fabrics are at hand and no room for a different pile on the table.   ***  at the senior center today, our little group spent time going thru fabrics on hand and lots of donations that had accumulated over the years.  some had to be eliminated as not appropriate for quilts or other projects, but it was heart wrenching to see.  mostly others did the weeding out and i tried not to frugal dna was in overdrive, even though i knew they were doing the right thing.  my sufficient stash at home helped keep the fabric rescuer in me at bay.  ***  an empty schedule tomorrow means a full day of sewing....aaahhhhh!


  1. Great to use up scraps and I have the same issues with getting rid of stuff! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictueday

  2. I really like that interesting striped block in the lower left corner. I am guessing those stripes are pieced.
    Smiled at your description of angst during the culling of fabric. Sometimes you do just have to look away, don't you? : )