Monday, September 12, 2016

scraps dwindling???

on my ironing station is a pile of dark scraps i've been using for my 365 blocks....and what the hey?? they are actually disappearing....albeit slowly, but disappearing nonetheless.   will have to go shopping in the stash and pull a few more as there are more tiny dark blocks in my future.   here is today's batch.   one more little block and i'll be in september.   the september 1st block is the first large corner block (12") of the final border, so the end is in sight.  

one little block a day didn't sound like much in january, but mostly doing them in batches and--no surprise--it has been more time consuming than it sounded.  ***  as for farmer's wife, i'm 22 blocks from being done and not sure the sew-along will be done by then, but hoping i can wrap mine up by the end of the year.  before september ends, have another donation quilt to tie and bind, and before october ends, another donation quilt has to be completed.  ***  and don't forget, UFO adoption starts friday over here !  might have a few small projects than need new homes.....


  1. Certainly going to be a stunning quilt when it's finished! Shopping in your stash, what a wonderful idea......I am thinking I need to be brave and set that goal for myself next year, if even for one or two months!

  2. Good for you, getting scraps to swindle! That is a trick--they usually multiply, don't they?
    I know I could never keep up with anything "daily", even if I did it in batches. So it is fun for me to see the creations of those of you that actually accomplish it. Good work, Grace!