Thursday, August 18, 2016

thursday blocks

starlight, matilda and carol....that gives me a total of 62 done, 26 more to reach the 88 needed for a twin size quilt top.   background material is on the shelf.  when this sew along started, 2-3 blocks per week were being posted, but now it's down to one so doesn't look like they'll all be done by the end of 2016 unless i forge ahead on my own.   sorta rests on my other sew alongs, holiday sewing, UFO sewing and what else is going on.  still looking for work and checking out other things that are contingent on finances.  with august whizzing by, that leaves a mere 4 too-short months until another year arrives and the UFO list still looms large....right now quilting and sewing take up most of my free time and while i'm fortunate to have this, occasionally feel the need to do something different.  for now will keep on keeping on and be attentive to options that present themselves....  


  1. Three more great blocks.
    I admire how you keep yourself busy, Grace. Always good things coming from your place!
    I do hope you are able to find the work you need soon.

  2. What lovely blocks! Will be fun to see the blocks all together! Wendy at