Tuesday, August 16, 2016

design wall monday

with no other tasks on the to-do list, was able to start my day with the old viking--recently oiled and cleaned up and ready for action!   first thing was the 365 block for today, done!   next up tackled some secret christmas sewing.  then tackled the 12 days of christmas blocks that are now a little flimsy, about placemat size. 

needs to be trimmed to size for basting, quilting and finish....i have a pretty Christmas stripe i think i'll use for binding; either that or some polka dots.   then moved right along to this as was anxious to sew with these pretty fabrics...

the limes matched in regular daylight but not quite with camera flsh.   ***   and when life sends zucchini my way, i make zucchini bread, complete with raisins and walnuts...it makes a big pan so half always goes into the freezer...love it toasted for breakfast.  oooh, the aroma of spices is filling the apartment!

and last, but not least, got a lovely email from lisa at henry glass fabrics...i won a giveaway of some beautiful new fabric...how great is that!   it's journey to versailles and gorgeous blues, reds and creams....in fact, the entire line is sooo pretty.   check it out! 

so, spent every minute of this day; will get my dishes washed and then relax with some quilting...and this busy monday will be history....


  1. Your little Christmas quilt will look festive with either the stripe or dotty binding. Very cute.
    I have zucchini in the fridge that I had forgotten about--I want those nice smells in my house, too. : )
    Congrats on the win of some gorgeous fabrics!

  2. Cool fabric win! And zucchini and Christmas projects all at once? Heavenly.