Wednesday, August 17, 2016

owning up....

at august guild meeting, there was a local vendor from WV with--what else--fabric at rock bottom prices...was feeling celebratory as it's my birthday month and well, one thing led to another, and before you can say "i'll take a yard" ended up with 4 yards of fabric, but the kicker is that the total budget hit was LESS THAN $9...that's right, a whopping $2-ish per these are marden type fabrics, meaning leftovers from years past but good quality cottons. i needed some solid black but none was available, but found these....

the lights are for the next round of 365, the teal/purple prints too pretty to pass by, the top fabric reminded me of turkish or tuscan walls, and can't leave candy canes behind, especially with a blue background.   except for the lights, have no project in mind for these but one day the right pattern will come along, i'm sure of it.  i still need some solid black, like 2 yards, but all in all, have done well curtailing retail fabric therapy this year so far...only 4 months left and am hoping to fit some new jo mortons into the budget, but that should be all.  ***  thinking more and more about machine quilting the little christmas and little pink virginia many seams, and this would give me a couple of quick finishes....then can focus on finishing my current donation quilt and keeping current with sew watch this space!


  1. I would say you "hit the jackpot", you will make some beauties with these fabrics for sure!

  2. Whoohoo, under ten bucks? Good score for the stash!! Love the cheddar!

  3. Oh, I remember that blue candy cane print. I made Christmas gift bags many years ago with fabric I bought on "after Christmas sales". That way I didn't have to stay up all night wrapping on Christmas Eve. Just drop in the gift and tie the attached ribbon. I know I have some bags made from that fabric.How fun to find it now.
    And I love that top fabric, too!

  4. What a score! And, Happy Birthday month!