Monday, August 22, 2016

the monday list

monday once again and very fine in the weather department....61 degrees at 7 am!   there is a hint of fall in the air, and the kiddos are back in school as of today.   the cooler air is invigorating so got right at it, but first a tiny finish....the pink virginia reel is done via sparse machine quilting (the only kind i do) and leftover binding.  not perfect but it'll make a great placemat and stains won't phase me.

basically i wanted to try the little blocks and found they are too small for my liking, but it's pretty and useful, if not was to baste the 12 days.  pulled out a piece of fleece that was larger than needed and remembered another small thing that was ready for basting, so was able to bust the entire piece....

these will be sparsely hand quilted and bound...both are smaller than the pink and will use up only about a yard (if lucky) for all three, BUT it's 3 dones from the UFO list.   and over the weekend washed/dried my versailles giveaway pile...these are straight quarter yards and not FQs but not an issue at all...and they look sorta dutch chintz in a way, don't you think?   at least the colors are....thinking about making 4 feathered star blocks or maybe some lucy boston POTC blocks, which would really highlight the fabrics.  

would love a few more yards of the tiny blue dots....makes great background fabric!  ***  it's going to be a very nice late summer week culminating in my birthday, my first in Maryland....


  1. Your Virginia Reel is very pretty! So is the rest of the stuff you posted about today. I'm also going to pin baste my r/w/b string quilt today.

  2. I love Virginia Reel blocks. That is a lot of work for a placemat. : )
    The on point nine-patch is very eye-catching!
    I like your ideas for those pretty new fabrics.

    1. thanks janet...high praise coming from you who makes such beautiful little quilts...when i had little space to sew last year, turned out a number of small projects...only a few more after these are done...and the 365 of course!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the fabrics you selected, you have a great eye!