Wednesday, August 24, 2016

birthday blues....

a nice squishie from victoria in NH....if you recall she had already sent me a birthday bundle earlier....and now these arrived today.....aren't they bee-u-ti-full!   judie rothermel still my heart...i love them!  and a lovely lavender sachet she made as well....and congrats to her for winning a yummy gift certificate in the keepsake quilting quiltfest!  my guess before you can say 'jo morton' she'll be there scooping up some new reds!

got just the project for these blues tho.....a nice little tabletopper to start with.   has been a gorgeous weather week so far but heat/humid coming back for the end of the week.   still, there is a definite autumn harbinger about.  sorta busy day binding little projects, working on another lap robe, binging on law & order (the original, my favorite) and planning a few new quilty things.  can't believe i've lived here 5 months already and it is still wonderful.  so many blessings to count and me with fuzzy math skills...who knew?


  1. Love the indigos, yes we got a little "taste" of the cooler weather earlier this week but the a/c came on last night!

  2. Oh, that Vic sure knows how to take care of her friends! What a beautiful bundle.
    And I think you are absolutely right about the reds! :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with these. And belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Hah, so you got the indigos even before your birthday, so glad that you like them!! And yes, I probably will fall for some new flashy reds, LOL!

  5. Happy birthday Grace!

    Sydney, Australia