Friday, August 26, 2016

hide and seek...

the other day went looking for a pattern i had "put away" and did eventually find. but before it came to light, i also unearthed these UFOs that had been out of sight and out of mind. 

first, these 7 blocks...made these when this line of fabric first came out, maybe 5 or 7 years ago?  it's jo morton's "variety" and happy to say some is left in the more block and it's a table topper.  next found these...

from last year, part of a box of gifted stash.   one little wallhanging was made and finished, just these are left.  then this work in progress...

vic had gifted me a tiny tumbler and these charm squares were also from last year.  not sure what this will end up being; still have quite a few charm squares so....and then found this

another small piece with batting pulled and ready to be joined.  it'll get basted in the next week or so....maybe?   these are wild and goosey blocks BEFORE the W&G craze on facebook.   bonnie hunter had posted a bed-size antique and i loved it but decided to go small for a quick (???) finish...need i say more?   and last this little fella, a (hopefully) soon-to-be candlemat.  bought the pattern for a swap a few years ago and decided to make one up for myself.  recently gifted carrot button nose...shooting for a winter finish on this..

the number of wrinkles are in direct correlation to the time these have floated around the studio.  so you can see why my bigger projects are still in limbo here.  of course, it's been a topsy-turvy year with moving and homeless most of last year; well that's my excuse story and i'm sticking with it.  making a vow to myself to make the supreme effort for more progress.  and the 365.   and the farmer's wife.  and the magic of christmas.  and charity sewing.  as mr. bill would say....oh nooooo!


  1. Oh goody, look at all the fun projects that you found! They're all familiar friends that you know and like so you'll have a ball pressing them and fixing them up for a round of finishes, probably by December 31st.

  2. I agree with what Vic said lots of fun and such a great feeling to finish up UFOs........I believe I have the pattern for the candle mat, need to check as I do love it, I would probably use wool. Have a great weekend.

    1. i think we bought it the day we went to kathie's...what, about 4 years ago???

    2. OMG, was it that long ago? Seems like just a couple of months ago. Boy, I'm turning into my grandparents, LOL!

  3. I never find such little beauties lost in my closets and cupboards.
    Especially love the Wild and Goosey, but the churn dash blocks aren't far behind!